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    Convert Files to EPUB

    EPUB is a file format for reading ebooks on e-readers. This is not the only format, however. MOBI, AZW, FB2, LIT, and many others exist. They all pretty much do the same thing, though, which is to present the electronic pages of a book to a reader.

    Why are there so many file types? There are many different types of e-readers out there from multiple brands, including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Onyx, Kobo, and more. Brands might create their own ebook format that only works on their specific devices. This helps to create brand exclusivity, but it can also be incredibly frustrating for consumers.

    Thankfully, our free online tool on this page can partially solve this problem by allowing you to convert between various file types.

    Why should you convert to EPUB or other formats?

    The main reason to convert one type of ebook file to another is to ensure compatibility on your specific e-reader.

    For example, let’s assume you purchased an Amazon Kindle and bought ebooks in that company’s proprietary format, which is AZW. If you sold your Kindle and bought an Onyx e-reader instead, the Onyx device would not be able to view your AZW files. That would mean all the books you purchased for the Kindle would no longer be available to you for reading.

    With our online conversion tool, however, you can easily convert an AZW or AZW3 ebook to EPUB or other various formats. This will allow you to read any of your ebooks on any of your devices!

    How to convert ebook files to EPUB and others for free?

    Our conversion tool is free, does not require registration, and will not place any watermarks onto your ebooks.

    To begin, please select the file format in which you’d like your converted files. Select one of the six formats at the top of the tool’s interface: EPUB, MOBI, AZW3, FB2, LIT, or LRF.

    Next, you’ll need to upload one or up to 20 ebooks in any of the 36 file formats our tool supports. Please note that while our tool accepts 36 file formats as uploads, it will only output in the previously mentioned six formats. You can feel free to mix and match formats in your batch upload because our server will automatically parse them. Upload your files by dragging and dropping them on this page or by hitting the “UPLOAD FILES” button.

    As soon as your files are uploaded, our tool will begin the conversion process. As each file completes, you can hit the “DOWNLOAD” button under its thumbnail to grab it. However, to save time, you can wait until all downloads have finished and then hit the “DOWNLOAD ALL” button. Doing so will get you one ZIP archive with all your converted ebooks.

    Ready to convert another batch? Hit the “CLEAR QUEUE” button and upload another set of up to 20 ebooks. You can repeat these steps as much as you like.

    Converting to EPUB: Is it safe and legal?

    Our conversion tool is safe, secure, and legal. Converting one file format to another for the purposes of interoperability is protected by law. Likewise, our tool is fully secure and will delete all uploads and conversions after 60 minutes. This ensures that any sensitive data uploaded here stays secure and private.